Cygal Art Deco is a family business.

Peter Cygal found his vocation: Ideas and inspirations conceived the trained carpenter of the great era of Art Deco. He was fascinated by the elegance of form, the precious materials, colors and sensuality of the subject.

The workshop, which started out at a lean 150 square meters, measures approximately 3,500 today, and receives requests from all over the world. The secret of this success is the consistent quality, exclusivity and timeless elegance. Properties that have marked the business activities from day one.

His son Marcus inherited the passion for Art Deco. Building on a great foundation, he now leads the company in the second generation, remaining true to the philosophy of passion and perfection.

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unparalleled service are at the heart of our business ethics. This has enabled and encouraged our successful collaborations with leading designers and architects worldwide. We make it our mission to provide customers with the best service. This is only possible through collective enthusiasm, pride and attention to detail that are implemented by our team every day in practice!


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