Exclusive Service: Bespoke


Individually tailored furniture in top quality craftsmanship for all areas of like: living and working.

All our effort is geared to offer our customers first-class service. We make your most sophisticated wishes come true competently, sophisticate and in high quality. Many years of experience and cooperation with the best interior design companies and architects at the international level allow us to create masterpieces for you. We offer a remarkable example of craftsmanship with skillful inlay work and metal details. Our shop leave only handmade unique pieces, which were manufactured with special attention to meticulous detail.

From the first stage in the initial drawing to the final acceptance, we master manufacturing and creating of unique furniture strictly per your specification and desires. No matter what you expect from a piece of furniture, we give shape to your ideas with exceptional craftsmanship. Cygal Art Deco specializes in manufacturing furniture with style and personality, just as unique as their owners.